Special Community Activities

We endeavor to serve the community by offering many special community activities during the year. Some are public benefit activities, such as allowing our facility to be used by local law enforcement officers or fire department paramedics for training. Sometimes our facilities –- our sometimes our students, as well –- are used for commercials or movie shoots. Besides the publicity, this usually also results in financial benefits for our organization, which in turn benefits our students.

We support the summer library reading programs of several cities. Please check with your local library to see if we are one of their sponsors. If not, and you would like us to be, please have your library contact us.

We also offer special programs open to the community at large, such as classes in First Aid/CPR, self-defense, and safety awareness. Please refer to our Section on “Upcoming Events” and check our calendar for scheduled activities. We also offer programs for both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to get sports badges, and field trips for schools (from pre-schools and day care centers through middle schools/junior high schools). Most of these programs are either low cost or are offered at no charge.

Additional information about any of these activities can be obtained from the gym office by calling: 626/292-STARS (-7827)