Why Sports

Today’s child faces different challenges in growing up than did children in past generations.  With the working parent lifestyle necessitated by economic challenges, children do not have as many opportunities for playing after school.  Fast food has replaced the home-cooked meal in many instances.  It is no wonder that childhood obesity - which some health care professionals are now calling an epidemic - and its related health problems (ranging from juvenile onset diabetes to heart problems to bone problems) are on the rise at an alarming rate.  Gangs and drugs are not just on the streets somewhere else, they are on our streets and in our kids’ schools.  Our children are supposed to “just say no” - but what is there to which they can say “Yes!”? 

Sports activities will help to improve the health and fitness of our children.  When children perceive themselves as athletes, eating habits tend to improve, and they are less likely to engage in activities such as drinking or drugs that will harm their ability to participate in the sport(s) they love.  The lessons they learn through participation in sports - such as focus, concentration, goal-setting and perseverance - will help them academically in school; while learning teamwork and sportsmanship will help them socially.  They will be part of a peer group with like values, making it easier to stay away from gangs. 

This is what is offered at STARS Athletic Foundation.